Welcome to Youth Center of Epirus!

The Youth Center of Epirus (YCE) is a non-profit organisation located in Ioannina, in the heart of the Epirus region, Greece. YCE was founded in 2011 by a group of young people who shared common values and ideas. Since then, several people have joined the team with the intent of creating and implementing youth projects on a local, regional and international level. Throughout the year, YCE organises activities related to volunteerism, non-formal education, social inclusion and cultural awareness. Our volunteers and youth workers implement various courses and workshops, informative and cultural events for youth and young adults. YCE organizes and participates in international educational projects such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars and research and capacity building projects mainly under the Erasmus+ programme, giving each year the opportunity of receiving non-formal education to hundreds of young adult.