Aida's two month volunteering service

I spent two magics months in Ioannina, where I learned a lot of things.


I was there in order to plan and implement recreational, educational and monitoring activities for refugee/asylum seeker children in Agia Eleni. The second week, I started teaching Spanish to young adults of Ioannina and I also joined the Arabic class in Agia Eleni.


Fortunately, I learned more than what I thought; I learned Arabic and Greek, I improved my guitar playing skills, I started doing theatre, I tasted Ukrainian food and Arabic deserts and I discovered villages and mountains hiking’s with my friends. Although I knew more about the situation of the refugees and the different projects that are taking place, the most important thing I learned from was life. I learned that people who have less give you more, everything they have they always share with you to thank you for your help.


I discovered that these people smile all the time, in this poor situation you can always find a smile on their faces. We can’t forget it when we get stressed by something that in comparison is quite more insignificant than having a house, food or freedom.

I learned to be happy with myself and value all the things and people that I have.


During this time, I made very good friends and nowadays, after I left, I keep in contact with them by video calls.

I hope to come back to see them again face to face.


PS: Everyday I tried to draw and write about the experience and now I would like to share some of my creation to show my experience to others.