Arthur's six month volunteering service

1)  The European Solidarity Corps


What’is European Solidarity Corps?


The ESC is a mobility program allowing young European nationals to be able to live an experience abroad and to participate in a collective project within a reception structure. It is accessible for all young people aged 18 to 30 and without a diploma level. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to speak in English and to have notions.


In addition, it is important to contact reception structures. It is necessary to approach a sending structure that can refer you.

In the process to follow ..


The Programme propose two options about you can choose to realize on short time mission it’s during until two months 

and another one more long to 3 until 12 Months the volunteers should be more invested and he have more responsibility.


2)   My European Solidarity Corps


Introducing me my name is Arthur, 28 years old, from Pau.

I recently carried out a European Voluntary Service in Greece and I would like to share with you my experience. First of all thanks to the sending organisation Solidarity tracks based in Pau, i was able to benefit from the EVS device. Thanks to them, I was able to fly to Greece to the hosting organisation of Youth Center of Epirus based in Ioannina in Greece. The duration of volunteering service lasted 6 months.

2.1 My Duties 


My main mission is to design manual and sports cultural activities for refugee children.

These aim to promote social inclusion and share moments of escape in order to make them live positive and offer them moments of their own so that they can develop and express their creativity.


The refugee camp based in Ioannina in Agia Eleni.

For a capacity of 750 beds, it is managed by an Italian humanitarian NGO Intersos which is responsible for the management of the camp.


Intersos is also present in conflict zones and provides protection and humanitarian and health logistics for populations in need, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.


Within the camp, a team of mediators is responsible for monitoring them and helping them in their asylum-seeking procedures and to guarantee their security and access to care.


The camp welcomes populations at risk, like people who have known wars, diseases, and trauma or threatened by the regime of their countries.


2.2 The other two missions


My two other missions within the host association being to provide French and guitar lessons locally of the association with classrooms.

These courses are open to Greek students wishing to learn or deepen a language (French, Russian, Spanish, Arabs, Germans) or to practice a fun activity such as guitar and dance.



How did I proceed for the lessons?


In order for them to be creative and original, I made them learn in the form of games: example of describing a person, of course the vocabulary was noted on the board. In addition, music was a good way to stimulate listening. Obviously, it was far from simple. Each week was a real challenge.

2.3 Social Events 


From time to time on our free time within the premises of the association we had the possibility of organizing events in order to make live the associative life of the association but also to have good moments with the inhabitants and regulars of the 'association.


For my part with the help of the other volunteers we planned some evening parties like a movie evening or board games evening, greek cultural night, Greek epiphany Vassilopita, Christmas Party.




For my part, this trip has changed a lot and especially a new way of looking at the world. It is not a simple project but rather a choice of life, which allowed me to realize myself and exceed my limits. Before leaving, I felt a little lost and I needed to find a cause to defend and it was a good choice, a great experience, which I would gladly recommend to young people wishing to live an adventure full of surprises, vectors of social contact. and human. Today, I feel more peaceful and more confident and I thank all the actors who allowed me to be able to benefit from this device without which, I could not have changed my condition of being human.


Thank you Pistes-solidaires for this support. Thanks also to the Youth Center of Epirus team who welcomed me



"In life, you always have to trust your instincts and I am proud of it for having accomplished a great journey that conveyed strong human values"


My opinion on Greece?


A country with architectural and geological heritage, of breathtaking beauty. A country that has survived the ages, conflicts and fought for independence in 1830. Today it is a nation united, warm with the hand on the heart. Obviously, everything is not perfect in Greece there is a huge delay in everything concerning the ecology because the infrastructures are expensive and Greece does not have the budget of France or Germany. Today, it is going through a new migration crisis, and Europe must act and respond today.

These are human lives at stake and it's terrible. Let us hope that more promising and social solutions are implemented to help and better welcome these human beings.


During this trip, I was able to learn about the country's culture, customs and even the history of the country which allowed me to understand the evolution of the country. It is a country at the crossroads of the West and the East where several nations have rubbed shoulders. Assessment of positive volunteering with new perspectives, in particular in the search for training or a professionalization contract allowing me to be able to build and build social-cultural projects. Today for my part it is important to bring community life to life and to propose solidarity actions.