Juliette's six month volunteering service

"My name is Juliette, I spend 6 months (september to march) in Ioannina as a volunteer for the Youth Center of Epirus. I came to Greece after one call with the organization, knowing almost nothing of Greece, of the greek way of life. I was just an 18 years old girl with a very blurred view of my future. I just knew I wanted to do something different, something that I found useful.

So I took the first flight to Greece, and here I was, in Ioannina, for the next 6 months of my life, spending my time with kids in a refugee camp. I learned a lot with them. At one point they start telling you what they've been trough and even if I was aware of what was happening in their former countries, it's always hard to imagine what they lived and it actually took me time to realize it. This kids had such an impact on me when I look back on it.


So, I was going to the camp almost every afternoon, and I was teaching a french lesson once a week to greek students. I lived in an awesome apartment, we all had a room, it was big, full of light, so warming, but I believe it has something to do with the people living in it, so thanks to all my roomies. We were paid 300 euros per month for food and pocket money, so if you manage well, you can travel a lot ( if you hitchhike and do couch-surfing).


As a 6  months volunteer I had the chance the participate at two trainings, one “on arrival training” in Volos, and a “mid-term training” in Xanthi, where I could meet many other volunteers based in Greece. These 6 months gave me the opportunity to travel so much in Greece, to visit so many places, to meet so many people, to make dear friends.


This was, for now, the best decision I took.


If every experience changes you, makes you grow, some hits more than others….

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this. "