Katia's six month volunteering service

“I have written lots of motivation letters for volunteering projects. When you answer this motivation question in your head, you start dreaming about a big wonderful trip. You write typical phrases about new friends and experiences, but I would say that you never know what is waiting for you there. 


For me it was a beautiful town and all the Greece I could reach. Several people who I could laugh so much with, I learnt their stories and loved them. Every time I think about them I wish we meet again and go to see a sunset or share a meal, play cards or just hug them. 


My lovely organization Youth Center of Epirus. Not everything was very accurate there, done in time or done at all sometimes😅. But I realize that most volunteering organizations are like this. Only after meeting volunteers from other organizations I learnt that I am pretty lucky with mine, that it’s actually different from others. These people cared about me and were ready to help always! And that’s what was important for me. From the first moment, volunteers of the Youth Center didn’t let me feel for a minute that I am “alone in a foreign country”. With a great help of my friend and mentor Sotiris of course!



I leant important things there:


- To be initiative. If you want to do something - don’t wait for a push. You should push and act!

- To love myself. Meeting people who loved me, told me that I am a great, hard working, beautiful, special person made me feel much more confident.

- Not to be afraid to ask for help.

- Self reliance. Travelling alone gave me all that confidence to feel that I can stay alone and feel good anywhere. That I will adjust and find how to spend this time nice. That I will find my way out of the situation.


There are many other projects I would prefer to go because I know I could get there more professional skills that I am interested in. These 6 months brought me to the moment where I am now, made me a person I am now, gave me friends I would never met and, I believe, without this experience I wouldn’t have gotten my dream job that I am at now. I would never change this experience to anything else.”