The story of Youth Center of Epirus...

Youth Center of Epirus is a non-profit organisation in region of Epirus in Greece. YCE was created in the summer of 2011 by several young people and since then, many people from Epirus region have joined the team and they all share similar aims and visions - to improve the environment, promote coexistence and develop the region of Epirus in different routes. 


Youth Center of Epirus now is going abroad as well, check out the video!

Aims of Youth Center of Epirus are...

Non-formal education

Our aims related to non-formal education are to provide young people with various non- formal education activities, to involve young people in local, regional, national and international level activities, which include non – formal learning and where they might acquire or increase their knowledge, skills and attitudes on many different topics, such as cultural diversity, EU awareness, environment, volunteerism, art, culture, sport, health, rural development, anti – discrimination, gender equality, human rights, outdoor activities, etc. Our aim is also to provide young people with opportunities to participate in trainings and seminars to become youth workers, trainers and facilitators for creation of non – formal educational activities with a high quality.


Our aims relted to volunteerism are to popularize volunteerism among young people, to involve them in volunteerism actions and to show them how volunteerism can help for their personal development and for development of local communities.


Our aims related to the environment are to popularize green thinking among young people, to encourage young people to raise their awareness about global environmental problems and to take actions for tackling these issues.

EU awareness

Our aims related to EU awareness are to increase EU awareness among young people, to encourage them to be an active part of EU level activities, to make young people to be aware of the fact that they are a part of today and future of Europe, and to make young people to identify their common values with other young people from EU.

Cultural awareness

Our aims related to cultural awareness are to remind youngsters of Epirus about the history of culture and traditional values of Epirus region, to make young people from Europe to become more and more familiar with Greek traditional culture. Of course, our aim is also to make young people from Epirus to become more familiar with traditional cultures of European countries and other countries of the World throughout providing a support for young people for encounters with young people from different countries of World.


Our aims related to inclusion are to increase knowledge and better attitudes of young people on topics such as anti – discrimination based on race, gender, ethnic belonging, culture, religion; inclusion of refugees, minorities and disabled people. To success inclusion strategy, we are going to involve in our activities also young people that are facing different kinds of difficulties.

Animal welfare

Our aims related to animal welfare are to popularize animal rights, to support protection of animals, to increase knowledge about animals among youngsters and to make young people to be actively involved with animal welfare in their life.




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