Youth Exchange "Project HEALTH" in Epirus region, Greece, 5th- 12th of June 2015

A youth exchange project "Project HEALTH" was implemented in Epirus region of Greece in July 2015. The youth exchange lasted for 8 days and 25, young people from Greece, Latvia, Romania, Italy and Lithuania participated in it. This project was co-funded by European Union and was implemented under youth Mobility of Erasmus+ programme.

This was the second youth exchange of Youth Center of Epirus devoted to health and active lifestyle and as expected, it reached much bigger impact on  participants as our first project on the same topic. During the project, we managed to play various sports games, do active exercises, talk about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits, as well as to  work in teams and to create 4 detailed ideas of mass events for promotion of health which we hope to implement in the near future. Of course, cultural activities were not forgotten- participants had a lot of fun to learn about Greek and each other's cultures and customs as well. 

Here you can see many photos of the youth exchange. 


this project was co-funded by european union