Training course "Yes they care!"  in slovakia, from 25th of March to 1st of April

The project Yes THEY CARE!  involve more than 30 participants, young people, youth workers and facilitators. They met in Nitra, Slovakia from the 25th of march until the the 1st of April to create space where they through non-formal education can work together on the topics such as conflict management and peace building. The project will have three Phases: Awareness, Fusion and Launch.


Project pointed out on generation Y, which is considered as a very strong, ambitious, keen on knowledge generation which is open to changes, generation which like to lead an want to be heard. Those people are willing to be part of experiments like to prepare innovative alternatives and being part of groups where non-formal education tools are used as experimental learning, coaching and non-violent communication games, learning by doing, simulations and self-expression. Aim of this project is to work on different approaches in conflict management, understanding and raise an issue of harmony and peace. The mobility will create a space for open-mind communication and changes in traditional thinking, all by attendance of generation Y.


the project's Activities will lead to the publication of educational material which can be used also by other people within the partners NGOs' or other networks.