Zaravina Festival: With the view of Zaravina lake in the backround, Pogoni area is celebrating!

Peggy Zina, Dimitris Yfantis and the Underground Currents welcomed us to the beautiful lake Zaravina of the Municipality of Pogoni, on Friday, August 9. A special company, a special musical proposal, a common root, Pogoni area, which is also a common place of origin for Peggy , Dimitris, and Grigoris Klioumis (Underground Currents), came to connect melodies, original and adapted, with the artistic, folk and rock sound.


Together they remembered traditional songs from the mountains of the Pentateuch, but also their own successes, in a show that surpassed clichés.


Without impressions, simply, as befits to the people of Epirus, but with fun and love for music, we mixed with them in a unique festival that lasted 3 and a half hours…!


The Festival was organized for the second consecutive year by the Municipality of Pogoni in collaboration with the Youth Center of Epirus and had a social character, since the proceeds were used for the needs of the social grocery store.


In August 2018, the Zaravina Festival hosted Dimitris Yfantis, Petros Loukas Chalkias, George Kotsinis, Nikos Tassis, Costas Verdis and Petrakis Chalkias.


Lake Zaravina (s), also known as Nezeros or Nizeros, is a natural lake in the province of Pogoni at an altitude of 458 m. It is one of the deepest lakes in Greece with a maximum depth of 31.5 m while its surface area is 0.301 km². It has joined the European NATURA-2000 environmental protection network, with a high priority of protection.